Grand Chapter of Tennessee Order of The Eastern Star




“Treasured Memories”


Theme: Be a Servant,

Serve with Care, Commitment, Compassion


Mission Statement:


Love and Glorify our Creator by serving and encouraging others to succeed; promote growth in the Order by increasing awareness in our communities by the positive actions of the Eastern Star membership.




Foremost Objectives:








John 3:16


For God so l.oved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.


Philippines 4:13


I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me


Colossians 3:12


Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved,

clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.


Romans 8:31


What shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?


Romans 12:13


Share with God's people who are in need.  Practice hospitality





Shades of Blue, Green, Lavender, Rose & Silver






 Open Holy Bible         American Flag



Fun Emblems:


                                               Butterflies         Hummingbird feeders

                                               Peacocks           Birdhouses

                                               Owls                 Commemorative Stamps

                                               Mini Shoes






Daisies, Roses, Sunflowers





                                   Precious Memories             Blessed Assurance

                                   Jesus, hold my hand           On the wings of a dove

                                   It is well with my soul        I'll fly away

                                   Amazing Grace                    Blowing in the wind

                                   Southern Gospel                  Patriotic songs


When the Saints go marching in

Battle Hymn of the Republic



Fun Songs:


                                The Entertainer                 Music of the 50's & 60's

                                On the road again              Mockingbird Hill

                                Dixie                                      Yankee Doodle

                                Rocky Top                            Ole Time Rock & Roll

                               Military Marches                 Tie a yellow ribbon







1.     Fill a Jug for St. Jude's


Each Chapter is encouraged to fill a jug with loose change at Chapter meetings.

Proceeds from the collections will be presented to St Jude's Research Hospital

Each Chapter participating will receive a Certificate of Recognition at Grand Chapter


2.    My Hometown


Plan an event that will benefit those in need within your community.

Plant a tree, feed the hungry, clothe the needy. Find ways you can serve. Work on community outreach and promote activities related to all age

groups. EXAMPLE: adopt a school or nursing home and help supply their needs.



3. Tennessee Heroes


Support your local Police, Fire Fighters, EMT's, etc.

Invite a First Responder to speak at a special event or meeting Make dona­tions or furnish needed items from their wish list

Remember and support programs that benefit Veterans in your

Community: Example: Local VFW wish lists, cards to Service members, etc .




Chapter Honor Award


The Honor Award will be given to those chapters who aspire to maintain the high ideals of the Order. We feel the award is very attainable for each of you and we hope every chapter will strive to receive that honor.



Recognize and honor 25 and 50 year members


Honor the Masons .... provide a service to the Masonic body or work together      on a joint project


• Honor Rob Morris during the month of August


• Renew the Obligation (2) times during the year


• Hold a Friendship or District Friendship meeting


• Study for and encourage members to earn the proficiency card


• Attend a School of Instruction


• Attend a practice with the Grand Instructor


• Assign a prompter. No portion of the Ritual to be copied. Only (1) Ritual to be opened at meetings.


• Provide a total of (5) educational programs .... (4) from either the Ritual, Book of Instruction, or Code of Laws and (1) from the Chapter by-laws.


• Exemplify the initiatory work (real or mock) (2) times during the year


• Support Rainbow and DeMolay. If none is in your area, make donations, purchase ads in their program books, etc.


• Consider having your chapter submit articles for the OES Journal


• Participate in projects: Jugs for St. Jude's, My Hometown, Tennessee Heroes


• Cooperate with General Grand Chapter and support General Grand

Chapter Programs



Visitation Committee


• Begin counting as of March 1, 2018 and end February 28, 2019

Appoint a chairman in your chapter


• One visit for each chapter installation of officers you attend


• One visit for each chapter special, stated, or called meeting including your own


• One visit for each day attending Grand Chapter (up to 4). You may count other Grand sessions in other Jurisdictions


• One visit for each of the following (Grand Representatives, Past

Matrons/Past Patrons, Line officers, and Area Luncheons.


• One visit for each School of Instruction attended


• One visit for each practice with the Grand Instructor


• One visit for each Official Visit you attend. Joint meetings count as two vis­its. Do not count your own.


• One visit for Attending Grand Assembly and DeMolay Conclave (up to 2)




Members will receive a pin after attending 35 visits

An award will be given to the individual with the most visits

An award will be given to the Chapter with less than 100 members with most visits. An award will be given to the Chapter with more than 100 members with most visits


Grand Officers, Past Grand Matrons, Past Grand Patrons and

Trailers are not eligible for individual awards. Their visits will count toward Chapter awards.



Benevolence Committee


• Appoint a Chapter chairman


• 0 Contact shut-ins with calls, cards, visits, food etc.


• Consider a monthly or quarterly newsletter


• Remember those on Eastern Star maintenance during the year with cards and small gifts.


• Work on community outreach and promote activities related to all age


Example: Adopt a school or nursing facility


• Promote service to others



Youth Committee


• Appoint a Chapter chairman


• Support Rainbow and DeMolay. If you don't have an Assembly or Chapter in your area, make donations and/ or purchase ads.


• InVite a member of Rainbow or DeMolay to a chapter function to speak about their programs.


• Be involved with other youth groups within the community, i.e., Scouts, church ball teams, etc.


• Promote contributions to Youth Scholarship. Consider projects to help fund youth scholarship programs.



Masonic Relations and Masonic Charities Committee


• Appoint a Chapter Chairman


• Work together to promote good relationships with the Masonic Order

• Support Masonic projects


• Honor the Lodge In some way during the year. Example: proVide food and refreshment for an Installation or other event


• Strive to attend a District meeting



Education and membership committee


• Appoint a Chapter chairman


• Review with the chapter the requirements for the Honor Award and strive to achieve


• Present new members with a copy of chapter by-laws; consider giving a Ritual or Book of Instruction.


• Support having a form of communication within the Chapter, such as a newsletter, phone tree, or other means of communication to encourage inac­tive members to participate


• Strive to add (2) to your membership (either new, re-instated, transfer, or dual members)



Health Committee


• Appoint a Chapter chairman


• Support local blood donation centers by donating blood


• Have an educational program concerning current health issues


• Invite someone to speak to the Chapter about Alzheimer, or furnish informa­tion about the disease


• Consider making donations to Alzheimer Research or other health related



• Provide books, snacks, to a hospital waiting room or treatment center


2153 HIGHWAY 411,


VONORE, TN  37885





PHONE:        423-442-5364